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OK…so we did it. It’s happening. Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers…our first album. It’s a thing, it’s happening now. It’s available for pre-order in both clean and explicit versions and it will ship in the beginning of May (hopefully end of April, but I’m padding the estimates.) Every pre-order will be signed…so you’ve got two weeks!

The clean version, btw, doesn’t just have bleeped lyrics, it’s entirely kid friendly. Example, the line “Put a light bulb up in my ass” in “I’d Rather” is changed to “Swallow an entire live bass.”

14 tracks, some songs you’ve heard, some you haven’t. It’s a six panel digipack with a 12 page booklet…all the lyrics included. 

I cobbled The Perfect Strangers together by asking some of my most talented friends if they would be in my band. It was a crap shoot, but Andrew Huang, Joe DeGeorge, and Rob Scallon all signed on and lent their amazing talents to this project. We will be playing our very first live show at VidCon, and then we’ll be going on a short tour…with some AMAZING guests…but if you’re not in the western US you will, unfortunately, be out of luck for that particular tour. 

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. THERE’S AN ALBUM! I LOVE IT! If you buy it now it will be signed!  CLEAN and EXPLICIT 

I was lucky enough to be in the recording studio on one of the days they were working on this, and from what I heard, you guys are going to love this.

I think, if you listen hard enough, you might even be able to hear a little Matthew Gaydos on the album. 

Preordered! So excited!

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urgh! fucking gamer guys! I bet he doesn’t even know how to turn it on

the ps4 is laying next to a maybe naked nathan fillion im p. sure it’s already turned on

Everyone’s turned on.

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Dining room bookshelf is stocked and ready to (re-)read along with the forthcoming Crash Course Literature series.

There’s your Crash Course Literature reading list!

AKA: homework- get on it, guys!

Actually, a lot of “English class reading” is super good when you’re not being forced to read it and write papers about it.

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Snow day part 2 tomorrow decided my plans for tonight- finally digging in to LHA’s new book!


‘Parks And Recreation’ renewed for a seventh season | Warming Glow


Amy Poehler has also inked an overall deal and is developing a comedy pilot for NBC starring Natasha Lyonne.


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I’m writing the introduction of my book right now… and ironically I’ve left the “first” for last. I just can’t think of a good way to begin this thing… or justify it rather? Is that what an introduction is doing?

Anyway, I was just curious if you had any thoughts on explaining what “My Drunk Kitchen” is all about… Or what it means to you…Please feel free to comment! Just know that if you do so I may or may not quote you in the opening of the book.

Thanks, duders.


For me, watching MDK is about laughing with friends about how we can take ourselves way too seriously sometimes and never should.

Good luck!

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Omg I just said this and there is no one who can document it, but I swear I pulled up the same picture and everything!

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I love my job. I do. I also love my pj pants.

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Harry Potter as a teen comedy.

Evidence that music placement is very important. 

I swear I watch this every time it comes on my dash.

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Project for Awesome Time!! What does it Mean?! The IndieGoGo is live now, and some of the perks are already sold out!

A rarity these days: A Monday vlogbrothers video.

Heads up, do-gooders! Whether or not you’re a nerdfighter, p4a is one of the coolest things the internet does. Check it out!

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